About us

The Virtual HistorianTM is a web-based educational program for teaching Canadian history in both official languages, developed by a scholarly team at the Faculty of Education, the University of Ottawa. Designed with the most advanced technology in computer programming and reality-like imaging, the Virtual HistorianTM places students in the virtual environment of authentic historical investigations of key events and issues in Canadian history, such as the Halifax Explosion (1917), the Person's Case (1929), The Dieppe Raid (1942), and the October Crisis (1970).

The Virtual HistorianTM is financed in part by the Canadian Funds for Innovation (CFI) and supported by the Virtual History Lab (VH Lab) of the University of Ottawa. To register or receive information on the Virtual HistorianTM , please contact the Virtual Historian Team.

Ontario teachers, fill out the OSAPAC survey on 'software needs' to have this program licensed in Ontario.

The web content, programming, source codes, and graphic and audio-visual sources from the Virtual HistorianTM website are copyright protected.