VH 2.0 has arrived!!!

The Virtual Historian is now available in a completely new client-server program to better serve your needs.

With the support of the Canadian Funds for Innovation (CFI) and a partnership with Idéeclic.com, we have developped a new "client-server" program to teach history online.

This new platform provides learners with a more personalized and powerful approach to the study of the past. Using the well-recognized backward design* model of planning, the VH 2.0 provides a conceptual framework designed to make learning more effective and indepth. The VH 2.0 offers teachers additional web design features that make it possible to create virtual classrooms, assign student folders, adapt or change VH activities, and even develop custom-made lessons. New interactive modules, such as the “Lesson builder” provide teachers with the flexibility to create individualized lesson plan and evaluation rubrics. Even more powerful is the “Shared lessons” tool of the VH 2.0 allowing teachers to design and share history lessons with colleagues.

With this new version, students now have a secure account, controlled by the teacher, and a direct access to their own activities and personal notes from any remote computer connected to the Internet. They can communicate with their teacher and submit their assignments directly online.

As a subscriber, you still have access to the Virtual Historian v. 1.0. To do so, simply login and click on ACCESS VH 1.0. Please note that no additional content will be added to the version 1.0.

*Wiggins, G., and McTighe, J. (2005). Understanding by Design, 2nd Edition. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.